Getting Started

First off, our mission is important to us, and it is our mission to help you take care of your body and your health. We take this stuff seriously.

It’s true, CrossFit is starting to spread like wildfire, but what is it? CrossFit is a program of constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity. Many of the exercises in CrossFit can be translated into everyday tasks to improve your daily life and fitness. We run, we jump, we climb, we row, we lift things, we squat, and most importantly we have fun doing it. CrossFit will always offer you something different so that you are constantly striving for new goals. You will never plateau. The constantly varied approach also helps you improve on your weaknesses, whatever they may be.

CrossFit is also known for its intensity. Yes, CrossFit is intense, HOWEVER it is for everyone. You do not have to “get in shape” to do CrossFit. CrossFit is scaled to each person’s abilities. The beautiful thing is that there are moms, police officers, college athletes, dads, and grandparents all doing the same workout tailored to their fitness level. The load and intensity are scaled, but the program stays the same. The needs of fire-fighters, Olympic athletes, and housewives differ by degree but not kind.


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